residential nontoxic cleaning


Emma’s Eco-Clean is a full-service cleaning company that is redefining the conventional meaning of clean. Unlike most cleaning companies, we take the extra step to make sure that your home or business is sanitary and safe. Most people feel that if a surface looks clean, it’s safe.  In reality, many popular commercial cleaning products are toxic and can leave potentially harmful residue behind, which you can neither smell nor see.

For this reason, Emma’s Eco-Clean uses products that are completely nontoxic and pose no hazards to you, your children, your pets or the environment. The last thing any home needs is potentially harmful chemicals left on surfaces that can cause illness and trigger sensitive conditions, such as asthma. We are unique among janitorial services not only because we provide superior cleaning but because by calling us, we make it easy for you to do your part for the home we all share: Mother Earth.

With Emma’s Eco-Clean, you deal directly with the company's owners with each service, due to our unique company structure. We invite you to call us today at 650-261-1788 and take advantage of our award-winning services. If you have questions or you would like a free quote, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail, and a representative will contact you shortly.