Commercial Services

Quality Commercial Services at an Affordable Price

Your commercial property needs to make the best possible first impression for your clients while also keeping your employees healthy. Emma’s Eco-Clean is here to make it happen. We’ll handle the messes of everyday office use so you can focus on running your business. Get in touch if you would like to schedule any of the following services.


Office Areas

  • Collect trash and replace liners
  • Wipe walls, doorways, and glass
  • Service furniture and common area
  • Sanitize desks and work surfaces (do not remove paperwork), chairs, filing cabinets


  • Sanitize toilets and urinals, basins, dispensers, mirrors, and chrome
  • Damp-mop floors with disinfectant
  • Clean walls, stalls, floors, corners, and edges
  • Replace tissue, towels, soap, and sanitary units
  • Meeting Rooms

Break Areas

  • Remove trash and replace liners
  • Clean sinks, cabinets, microwave, refrigerators, and the exterior of trash cans
  • Scrub refrigerator interior

Carpet & Flooring

  • Tidy the appearance of ALL Floorings
  • Vacuum or dust floor mats
  • Clean beneath workstation and furnishings, corner edges of floors, behind doors

Dusting - Monthly or as needed

  • Phones
  • High and low edges and corners
  • Handrails, cobwebs, stairwells
  • Vents and blinds
  • Water coolers
  • Window sills

Keep your office in the best possible condition while improving the health of both your clients and your employees. Emma’s Eco-Clean elevates your business’ standard to the next level with cleaner results at affordable prices. Call our local office now for best availability 650-261-1788.




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