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From relaxing at home to recharging with your family, your home provides the space you need to unwind from the day’s stress. It’s time to treat it better while freeing up the time you spend doing chores. At Emma’s Eco-Clean, we provide a comprehensive clean that allows you to live your life without stressing the details.

There are multiple advantages to calling Emma’s Eco-Clean for residential house cleaning services. Not only do we have a highly experienced team with 20+ years of experience, but we also specialize in eco-friendly cleaning. Our cleaning products are completely non-toxic, and our team has earned numerous environmental awards for our green cleaning initiative.

When you call us for residential cleaning services, you can count on a comprehensive cleaning of your home. There’s no detail that goes unnoticed, and if you have any custom requests, we’ll be happy to hear them. We have an established process for every type of room, but we can also change our routine according to your unique needs.

Our general cleaning services include the following:

Room Cleaning

Any home has a variety of different rooms, all with unique purposes. But whether it’s a living room, family room, entertainment room, bedroom, or anything else, the same general cleaning checklist still applies. Here are some of the things we’ll do for every single room we clean:

  • Dust All Areas: Dust accumulates in every single area of the home, and it can result in reduced indoor air quality. Aside from that, it’s just unsightly! We’ll dust every surface in any room, even the spots that are hard to reach.

  • Clean Closet Doors: It’s hard to notice because it builds up so slowly over time, but closet doors tend to get pretty dirty due to how often they’re opened and closed. After we’re done, your closet will look brand new.

  • Sweep, Mop, and Vacuum: This is one of the most important aspects of cleaning any room. Depending on the type of floor you have, we’ll extensively sweep, mop, and/or vacuum. It’s important for floors to be cleaned regularly and for small debris to be vacuumed out.

  • Wipe Doors: Just like closet doors, the entryway doors in any room are subject to much wear and tear. We’ll wipe them down and make them look young again.

  • Clean Baseboards: It may not be something you notice very often, but baseboards can get pretty dirty if they haven’t been cleaned in a while. These are often neglected, but we will clean them to perfection.

  • Remove Cobwebs: It’s safe to say you don’t want spiders lurking about in your rooms, so we’ll take it upon ourselves to remove any icky cobwebs that may be hanging around, active or not. You’d be surprised where these can pop up!

  • And More: Do you have any custom requests? Just let us know and we can figure it into our overall quote. Many rooms have different needs. Whether you want us to clean up the TV screen in your entertainment room or polish up your collection of cool stuff in a hobby room, don’t be afraid to ask.

Bathroom Cleaning

Of all the rooms in a home, none need to be cleaned more regularly than the bathroom. The reasons for this are obvious — aside from the icky implications of leaving your toilet area uncleaned, the bathroom is also a hotspot for mold growth due to the heavy amounts of moisture.

At Emma’s Eco-Clean, we give a lot of special attention to the bathroom. This is a place where people are regularly cleaning themselves, so it’s important to keep it as spotless and germ-free as possible. Unfortunately, bathroom cleanup can be pretty extensive, so unless you’re regularly doing deep cleans, there will likely be a buildup of issues after a prolonged period of time. That’s where we come in! We’ll cover every inch of your bathroom and scour all the spots that are no fun to clean on your own.

  • Scrub the Sink, Tub, and Shower: Though it might not seem obvious, your bathroom/shower gets dirty over time, despite the fact that it’s regularly filled with soap and water. Microscopic debris from your regular bathing sessions can stick around, as well as slow, gradual mold growth. We’ll give your bathtub/shower the scrubbing it needs, along with your sink.

  • Wipe Down Vanity: Having a cluttered or dirty vanity is stressful and it can get in the way of your daily beauty prep. We’ll take care of it and leave it shining!

  • Dust Light Fixtures: It’s good to have as much light as possible in the bathroom, and you’d be surprised at how much dust can affect the lighting. After we’re done, your light bulbs and fixtures will be crystal clear.

  • Scrub the Inside and Outside of the Toilet: There’s nothing as nasty as cleaning a toilet, but it has to be done, and don’t worry, we’ve got it down to a science.

  • Clean Mirror: Mirrors are infamously hard to clean because they so often retain scrubbing marks. Our eco-friendly cleaning products will ensure that your mirror is completely spotless.

  • Sweep and Mop Floor: There’s always debris that builds up on the floor of a bathroom, even if it’s not very noticeable. Leave it to us to extensively sweep and mop.

  • Wipe Down All Surfaces: If there are any other surfaces in your bathroom we haven’t already mentioned, don’t worry — we’ll cover those in our bathroom cleaning checklist.

  • Wipe Doors: Because of the high humidity levels and constant use, your doors are just as at-risk as anything else in your bathroom for dirt and mold growth.

  • Clean Baseboards: In every room of the home, we’ll clean the baseboards. Every little detail counts!

  • Remove Cobwebs: Cobwebs often form in hard-to-reach spaces of your bathroom, and that’s definitely the last place you want spiders and pests to be.

Kitchen Cleaning

Aside from bathrooms, the kitchen is the second most important spot in the home to keep clean. This is where you’re keeping and prepping all of your food, and it’s bad news when it’s filled to the brim with germs. Our kitchen cleaning services are extensive, and if you really want to cover every little nitty-gritty detail, we have several deep cleaning options that you can request in addition to our normal services.

  • Scrub All Surfaces: Every inch of your kitchen’s surfaces will be scrubbed. Between all the human activity and food that regularly fills the kitchen, you can bet there are countless germs all over. We’ll take care of them.

  • Clean the Inside and Outside of the Microwave: Microwaves tend to build up with all kinds of ickiness over time, even if you haven’t had any major spills. You’ll love having a microwave that feels brand new after we’re done with it!

  • Polish All Stainless Steel Appliances: Stainless steel appliances are gorgeous, and often a motif of a kitchen’s visual design. But over time they get adorned with dust and spill marks, and they lose their luster. We’ll return them to how they’re supposed to look.

  • Sweep and Mop Floor: Every kitchen needs a good sweeping and mopping on a regular basis, and you can bet we’ll do that for you.

  • Wipe Doors: Wiping doors is something we do in every room of the home, and it’s especially important in the kitchen — don’t want those germs to spread!

  • Clean Baseboards: Just like your other rooms, we’ll clean up those baseboards so that no inch is left untouched.

  • Remove Cobwebs: Kitchens are a naturally attractive location for pests, and cobwebs just love to grow on top of your cupboards and deep within your pantry. We’ll help you be rid of them!

  • Wipe the Outside of Cabinets and Drawers: Your cabinets and drawers can accumulate just as much dirt and debris as your counters, making them an essential part of our kitchen cleaning.

Deep Cleaning and Special Requests

While our general cleaning services cover all the essentials, we also provide deep cleaning services that guarantee a comprehensive clean in tricky spots. We encourage you to ask us about any special cleaning needs. Here are some common deep cleaning tasks:

  • Clean Refrigerator Interior

  • Wash Windows

  • Wipe the Inside of Cabinets and Drawers

  • Clean the Oven Interior

  • Clean Air Vents

  • Move-in/move-out Cleaning

Enjoy a fresh, clean home on your terms when you choose Emma’s Eco-Clean. Get in touch today to schedule your appointment.




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